Hello I am Antonio Chalmers aka Tone Da Boss, CEO of T1 Entertainment, 2017.

I am an artist turned DJ now Manager. As an artist I was part of local Hip Hop group Big Bang DBT. During my time with Big Bang I was able to travel throughout the country, sell many records, perform in front of large crowds, and work with multiplatinum artist and producers. Although never we signed a record deal, we were presented with many opportunities and decided to stay independent. For the last 10 years I had to learn how to be my own manager, book performances, hire djs, travel, market music, distribute music, network, and so fourth. At this point in my life I am ready to give back and share my knowledge and experiences to help up and coming artist who have similar dreams and goals.

T1 Entertainment is a brand, and management company with similar benefits to a independent record label. We are here to elevate, discover, and provide exposure for artist, entertainers, producers, managers, models, Djs, Photographers, videographers, podcasters, and many more.

T1 Entertainment stands for top tier. Top tier services, top tier artist, top tier entertainment, Tier One.





Services available to everyone under the T1 Entertainment brand are management, booking, writing, recording, distribution, web design, logo design, publishing, marketing, flyers, business cards, videography, editing, photoshoots, Djs, sounds, and so much more. These are just a few services you can inquire about however we can also provide more.



Before T1 Entertainment, Tone Da Boss was a rapper in group Big Bang DBT.  As artists Big Bang received over 1 million youtube hits collectively. Have performed all over Iowa, Atlanta, Arizona, New York, and  Las Vegas.  Consistent max capacity performances throughout the city of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Successfully booked the Ampitheatre, the U.S. Cellular Center and more. Has multiple singles on the radio. Still brings in $1000s of dollars monthly from songs recorded 10+ years ago. Worked with Multiplatinum artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Cassidy, G-Unit, Young Money, the late Nate Dogg and more.  Big Bang has shot professional videos in different states and went viral on several occasions.  With that experience comes alot of trial and error. The sole purpose of T1 Entertainment is to educate artist on the successes and failures, elevate their careers by utilizing existing marketing strategies, connect them with contacts that have been established and networked with and most importantly show them the ways to be successful either independently or prep them for a major deal.

What I can do for you

We break this down into 4 quadrants. Branding, Development, Marketing, and Distribution. With these quadrants in no particular order, all bases are covered for the cleint. Getting the maximized exposure. Taking the client to the next level by accomplishing goals and moving forward in the music industry. With these quadrants instilled in each client they become more than just an artist/models/personalities/ but a business, or a brand. After these are perfected the sky is the limit and the goal is to outgrow T1 Entertainment.



As of October 2018 T1 Entertainment Manages

Isaac Burris – Pop Singer – www.isaacburris.com

Squiddy Boiz – Lou Kane and Ike Midas – Hip Hop Artist

Alicia Monee – Female R&B Singer – www.aliciamonee.com

Dj Tone Da Boss – Hip Hop and Top 40 Dj –  www.djtonedaboss.com

Binge Photos – Photography – www.bingephotos.com

The Mic Check Podcast – Hip Hop and Current Event Podcast – www.miccheckpodcast.com

Chaparodies – Voice Over Team



Isaac Burris

Isaac Burris is a  20 year old Pop/R&B singer who can Sing, Dance, and Act taking those 3 features to a level that hasn’t been seen in the music industry for  quite some time. He has recently released his latest EP Velvet Empire, which you can hear the inspiration of old school Michael Jackson, mixed with current music and signs of inspiration from Beyonce. Isaac is currently focused on getting his music heard on a national level while generating as much buzz possible locally.



The Mic Check Podcast

The Mic Check Podcast came together as an idea from Nate friend of Tone Da Boss. He wanted just simply record and put something out to the public here and there. It was supposed to be a small recording, 3 guys everyweek that can share the link or a youtube video with audio with a few friends and family. After signing with T1 Entertainment the Mic Check Podcast has a full blown website, logo, business card,  Has over 600 views weekly and is distributed worldwide via iTunes, google play, and more. The Mic Check Podcast now records every Thursday and releases a new episode every Monday.


Dj Tone Da Boss

Tone Da Boss is behinds the scenes CEO of T1 Entertainment but most audiences my know him publicly as Dj Tone Da Boss. Being self managed allows Dj Tone Da Boss to do alot of volunteer work, dj corporate events, and not charge his own clients for his services. Dj Tone Da Boss has perfomed at over 20 different bars between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, was the resident Dj for the Breakroom for over a year, has flyers, business cards, websites, has done dozens of weddings, and volunteers atleast 2 events every month for the community.

Dj Chuck You Suck

Dj Chuck You Suck is a partner of T1 Entertainment. He’s filled in for Tone on multiple events and allows Tone to double book dates.

Alicia Monee

Alicia Monee is born in Chicago but represents Cedar Rapids, Iowa similar to CEO Tone Da Boss. Alicia Monee has one of the most beautiful voices you will ever hear. She is talented in every shape of the word, from singing to acting, she is one incredible individual. Her soulfulness is captivating and her range is unmatched. Alicia Monee release her first EP this year entitled Simple Monee and had a release party where she performed to a sold out crowd. Alicia is consistantly performing at Weddings, corporate outings, doing the national anthem for sporting events, concerts or performing with her cover band the Funk Daddies.

For more details about Alicia Monee check out her site designed by T1 Designswww.aliciamonee.com




Lou Kane

Lou Kane is definitely one of hottest rappers in Iowa right now. Recently opening up for Two Chainz and getting a better reception then the headliner. Lou can get the largest crowds hype with his energy alone, the fact that his music consist of club bangers and hits is only a bonus. He is an entertainer in its finest form. He is releasing a mixtape this year called “If I Did It” which will be a follow up to his mixtape Mr Ratchet which he dropped in 2016 that took the city by storm. He is also finishing up the Squiddy Boiz album with Ike Midas with singles like DBT and a video dropping soon for “On the bus”





Ike Midas

Ike Midas is the newest member of T1 Entertainment. Him and Lou Kane form the rap duo Squiddy. Ikey hits you with the bars, the hardcore grimy street rap, but is very lyrical and a master with the wordplay. Perfecting his craft and paving his own lane Ike Midas is a problem. Ike Midas is currently finishing up the Squiddy Boiz album with Lou Kane. There singles are DBT and a video dropping soon for “On the bus”. After the Squdidy Boiz album Ike Midas will debut his first solo project.









Chaparodies is a voice over team hosted by Jacob and Alicia Perry. It is a non-profit parody of the Anime Cartoons where they record voice overs to make scenes funnier and relate to the Hip Hop Culture. There lead series is Blaruto which envisions the anime Naruto if he were a black character. Blaruto has over 30,000 views and 300 subscribers. Season 2 for Blaruto is currently in production

Past Clients

Zaya Daens

Zaya Daens is an R&B Artist that was part of the group Big Bang with Tone Da Boss. Zaya had an idea on doing an album called Sertain Xtent and a few songs selected. When he reached out to T1 Entertainment, all his songs were reviewed, and the album name was changed to Playa’s Point of View or PPV. He established a brand, a street team, recorded new songs, photoshoot, a music video, had a website built, all social media pages setup, T-shirts designed, wrist bands designed, and a blog all within 2 months of working with T1 Entertainment. Zaya is currently focused on his painting company which he converted the name Painters Point of View, during this time he has taken a break from T1 Entertainment but will be back when he is ready to release his album.



Kidzcast was a podcast by T1 Entertainment in partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It started as just an idea to let kids vent, discuss topics freely, and hone their skills as on air personalities getting them confortable behind a microphone and in a hosting environment. We recorded 4 episodes. Built a website and had the kids available on iTunes and the Google Play store.