B on the Beat, B Products! B LEGENDARY

Beginning his humble journey from Keokuk, Iowa to learning the game and becoming a master of his Craft in just a little under a year. 23 year old B on the beat is taking the industry by storm. His southern style mixed with today’s standout flows and applying his own unique qualities, makes B is the next artist to make an impact from the Midwest.
B is not only an artist but he is a producer and head of his label B. Productions. His name “B on the Beat” is a play on words where either he says it because he’s rapping on the beat and other times its used as his tag because he makes the beat. Most artist when they come up with their songs they may just hear the lyrics, B’s creativity allows him to hear the entire production and bring it to life.

B.s first singles Go Dumb and Flip It have already accumulated over 100,000 streams online. B;s motto is he’s not trying to ride the wave, he wants to be the tide. And his favorite quote is he’s not trying to throw concerts, hes throwing a party. B. strives to be an inspiration to his peers and those who come after him. His slogan is not just for him, its for everyone. B. Yourself



Here’s a link to his most recent release MPFF – https://ffm.to/b_onthebeat-mpff

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