Ike Midas


Ike Midas is one of the hardest bar spitting, street grimy style rapping artist out right now. His current single Love Song is out now and he recently dropped his joint album with Lou Kane, as one half of the Squiddy Boiz.

Lou Kane


Lou Kane aka Mr Ratchet! Lou has been dropping music consistantly for the past 2 years. Starting as a party fun style rapper to showing his versatility with bars on his mixtape "If I Did It" Lou is also the other half of the Squiddy Boiz. 

Alicia Monee


Alicia Monee was T1 Entertainments first artist! And since joining she has dropped her first EP Alicia Monee, opened up for major artist, and is working on her album 50 Shades of Monee.

Dj Tone Da Boss


CEO, Manager, DJ, Artist. Tone wears many hats.

Mic Check Podcast


The official T1 Podcast and one of the first big podcast out of Iowa. With over 20 episodes the Mic Check Podcast is the news of the streets!