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Tone Sites

Another extension of T1 Entertainment is Tone Sites. A site that allows your to register your business name, idea, or catchphrase online as a .com . Goto and get your domain name registerred today!

T1 Designs

Check out the designers of this site, partner company as well as the cheapest source to get online. T1 Designs works to Design your Dream Site at extremely affordable rates. Setup an in person consultation today!  

MiC Check Podcast

Visit T1 Entertaintment for Top Tier News and Updates. We will also feature the partner company Mic Check Podcast. Please support them by visiting   Mic Check PodcastMicCheckPodcast2MicCheckPodcast3MicCheckPodcast4MicCheckPodcast5MicCheckPodcast6

T1 Tips

Every Week we plan to give you a top tier tip! These are call T1 Tips. They will relate to the music industry, online community, video games, and so much more!

Hardworking Black Man Blog

This will be the official blog spot for the Hard Working Black Man. Make sure you also check out the

The flavor of rock

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