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T1 Tips: 5 tips for writing a Syllabus

Name, Purpose, and Reward  - Have a course name, a purpose that can be easily explained, and a rewarding goal at the end of the course. Set timeframes - daily/weekly sessions, topics, exercises and deadlines Keep it simple - Brief descriptions in the syllabus, but elaborate in person Keep it...

T1 Tips: 10 key things to Starting a Business

This isnt some click bait. Imma lay it to you straight out. just click the slides below for each topic and hit next. Feel free to click an ad or two it pays the bills ;) j/k ​Come up with your Business Name - catchy, simple and appropriate Branding! -...

MiC Check Podcast Episode 8

MiC Check Podcast Episode 8.... addressing Jay-Z 4:44 The Ball Family New Releases And is Lil Wayne done? Plus much more  

T1 Sketch: Story of O.J. – Nyah Parody

The first of many T1 Sketches. My daughter Nyah made a video last week saying she's just Nyah. My wife posted it before the Jay-Z album dropped and when it did, it immediately reminded me of her.       Jay-Z video below     Original video here

MiC Check Podcast Episode 7

MiC Check episode 7 This weeks topics are The B.E.T. Awards The 2Pac Movie XXL Freshmen Upcoming Albums Dj Akademics vs Vic Mensa NBA Trades and Draft R.I.P. Prodigy and the 319 Fest

Black Naruto

Watch Black Naruto Episode 1 recorded back in 2014