Crate aka mr reckless

Who is Crate

Hailing from the hard streets of Memphis, Tennessee, growing up next door to the d boy, gangsters trap gods, and rap stars is a rather unique individual. Charismatic but calm, Cocky yet humble, confident but always wanting to improve, Crate is the epitome of two sides to a coin. With that being said Crate fully embraces his Gemini side with his multiple aliases of Crate aka The Gemini aka Mr. Reckless.
His fast flows and cadences are melodic and hypnotizing. His wordplay is unmatched, and his style is original never attempting to imitate any one that’s come before him. He classifies with the alternative hip hop genre with blends of traditional hip hop and edm music. Crate’s music will elevate your ears, expand your thoughts, and have you wrapping your mind around his twisted lyrics on another level. Crate’s performances are energetic, hard hitting, and exhilarating. Crates presence encaptures every audience, and surprises the crowd when they see the laid back wholesome being transform into a show stealing, well crafted, monster of an artist. 

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