T1 Entertainment on Flood 93 Radio

T1 Entertainment on Flood 93 Radio

Last night T1 Entertainment was invited to Flood 93 Radio in Davenport Iowa. Hosted by Dj K Yung, Cat Daddy, and Ms Chyna Doll.  In attendance was Tone Da Boss, Nate and J Finnie of the Mic Check Podcast. During the radio interview K Yung played Alicia Monee’s song Change, Big Bang’s song “Iowa City” and EmDubai feat Tone Da Boss – Family Feud (which she has been playing for weeks now).

The interview covered our goals, where we plan to go, current events, and new interesting stories from the crew.  Watch below and you can download the Flood 93 app from the App Store to tune in on a regular basis! Goto flood93radio.com or click this link http://server.nobexrc.com/sl.aspx?id=5381


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