T1 Tips: 10 key things to Starting a Business

T1 Tips: 10 key things to Starting a Business

This isnt some click bait. Imma lay it to you straight out. just click the slides below for each topic and hit next. Feel free to click an ad or two it pays the bills 😉 j/k

  1. ​Come up with your Business Name – catchy, simple and appropriate
  2. Branding! – Get A Logo, Make a slogan, start a website
  3. Build Your Resume – Do free work, exchange services, and take lots of pictures!
  4. Discover your target Audience – Is there a need? Why Cant I do it myself, who are going to pay for your services/product
  5. Have a Budget  – Marketing, Branding, Web Presence, and Staff. Know what you’re willing to invest and have a set ROI
  6. Marketing – Spread the name of your brand, and reach your audience
  7. Set Target Dates – Your 1 year plan, 5 year plan, 10 year plan. Know where you’re heading and more people will be willing to follow.
  8. Staffing – volunteers to help, other partners or suppliers, people you can help and benefit by exchanging services
  9. Fail! – Dont be afraid to fail, learn from every mistake.
  10. Dont Get Tired! – Entreprenaurs work 80 hours a week so they dont have to work 40. Sleep is recommended but not required. Leave no task unfinished! Turn your priorities into Projects.

Check back tomorrow for a breakdown of each of these and links and resources to get this started!

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