T1 Tips: 5 tips for writing a Syllabus

T1 Tips: 5 tips for writing a Syllabus

  1. Name, Purpose, and Reward  – Have a course name, a purpose that can be easily explained, and a rewarding goal at the end of the course.
  2. Set timeframes – daily/weekly sessions, topics, exercises and deadlines
  3. Keep it simple – Brief descriptions in the syllabus, but elaborate in person
  4. Keep it fun & interesting – make sure you get audience participation, have them explain what they learned in their own words, icebreakers and exercises to keep them involved
  5. Recap – dont move too fast, dont overload, and dont overlap. Make sure they know the previous topics before moving on to the next


Here is an example Syllabus below

Dj Class – Syllabus

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