Meet Tone Da Boss

Meet Tone Da Boss

Meet Tone Da Boss, aka Dj Tone Da Boss, aka Antonio Chalmers. Father, Husband, Go Daddy top sales rep, Go Daddy Talent Ambassador, Partner of Orange Gate Parties, former rapper, Big Bang Foundation member, Ceo of T1 Designs, and CEO of T1 Entertainment. This article might also make him a blogger. Just a renaissance man who is a Jack of all trades trying to be a master at one. Tone’s hobbies are helping the community, traveling, watching WWE, attending local and out of state events. Right now the main things Tone Da Boss is working on is stepping up his Dj Skills, designing websites, and writing for this site T1


A typical work week for Tone is design 2 or 3 websites, work 30+ hours at Go Daddy, Dj twice a week, record and edit a podcast, write all the articles for T1, teach for the Boys and Girls Club, have atleast 2 lunch meetings, volunteer atleast 2-4 hours, take the family out to eat, go on a date with the wife, and take the kids to a fun place. Most nights he’s lucky to goto sleep by 2 am. And alot of days he’s working so hard he forgets to even eat, yet he still makes time for his immediate and extended family. One of his favorite quotes passed along to him by friend and local businessman Aaron Hanson  is “Entrepreneurs will work 80 hours a week just so they don’t have to work 40”


His goals are to shape a better community for Cedar Rapids Iowa, where he plans to raise his daughter, pass down his house, and then retire and move to Florida. Volunteering is important to Tone because not only does it bring everyone together and show unity, it helps us grow. He teaches kids, and mentors adults starting businesses. Partners with friends and family to help them pursue their goals and get their businesses off the ground.


Tone started out as a rapper, member of Big Bang. They had a fun and successful (in their eyes) independent career in music but most importantly they learned the business of music and traits that they carry over into their own businesses. The work ethic, the willingness to invest, planning, and setting goals all came from the requirements of doing music. Being in the group Big Bang also evolved into the Big Bang Foundation, which kicked off the volunteer work and giving back to the community movement for Tone Da Boss. Being able to take the image and following they created to help and inspire, meant more than any song or show that was done. Big Bang also imprinted Tone’s competitive nature pushing him to always work harder and try to outdo his peers.


You can find Tone at the Breakroom every Wednesday night, providing good music in a fun safe environment every week. If you need a website or logo designed, a party Dj’d, a party bus, or just help starting your business Tone is the guy to reach out to. Outside of that to help others he even offers  free Dj work for community events, free web design for startup businesses sites, and helps start up businesses. Just reach out. Feel free to email him


Check out more about Tone and his businesses here

For Dj Services, Parties, Weddings, Community Events and Special Occasions –

For Web Design, Logo Design, Domain Registration, and Flyers goto –

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